Sunday, 15 July 2012

Different Dance Position

Closed Position
Closed Position          The  man stands  facing the line dance or LOD .the lady dancers faces directly, against  the  line of  direction  and they should   be closed to each other  ,near  the toe as possibly, usually with  their  upper  body slightly  touching each other.

The conversation position
Conversation or Promenade Position          This is also Called Semi Closed   or Promenade position the man stands with his back to the center of dance floor the lady facing right shoulder  in the line direction taking closed position, they turn upper body and heads slightly ,to the man’s left  and the lady’s right , to face in the line direction.

The Right side position
Right Parallel Position          Partner’s stands side by side with their right side adjacent the man faces line direction and the lady reverse line direction this also known as “Right Parallel Position


The Skater’s Position
Skater's Position
          Both partner face forward in line direction hands joined – shake and held in front the man’s right holding partner’s right hand over left 

Macho Dance PositionThe Macho Position 
          This is a pretzel Position the man’s left hand  lifted over  his head to rest at the back of his neck.


Saturday, 14 July 2012

World Famous Dancers

Sara Baras
Sara Baras is female flamenco Dancer was born on April  25,1971 in San Fernando Cadiz Spain  she is internationally famous and regularly tours the world  she was taught to dance by her mother Concha Baras  she has won numbers of awards including Madroño Flamenco of Montellano in 1993 and 1999 and 2001 she received price for the best Spanish Female dance performer as a solo dancer, she took part in several tributes to camaron dela isla In 1997 she started her own Company.with she closed the festival Nacional De Las Minas.

George BalanchineGeorge Balanchine  was born on January 22,1904 in Giorgi Balanchivadze  Saint Peterburg Ruzzia he was one of the 20th century foremost choreographer and the founder of American ballet Balanchine family comprised largely composers and soldiers In 1862-1937 one of the initiators of Georgian Opera he became a well known Georgian composer in 1906-1992.

Lester HortonLester Horton was born on January 23,1906 in Indianapolis in Indiana  he was an American Dancer Choreographer and teacher Horton Developed his own approach that incorporated element including native American Dances Horton Dance technique that emphasis the whole body including flexibility ,Strength and coordination Horton formed his first dance company in 1932.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Tips to Became good Dancers

1.Warm up
Bharata NatyamIf you enroll in a dance class first things you do si to study the steps and the movement of your body to avoid mistake and follow the instructions given by your dance instructor.

2 . For the Beginners
Make sure you have strong skills in any Dance before you move to the next level because it will make you more frustrating if you don’t know your basic dance skills for the ladies and gentlemen,and reminder to the advance  dancers as well and how we learn to become better dancers by dancing a lots of partners.

3. find a great instructor or choreographers
Dancers know the importance of good dancers or choreographers dance instructor not only teaches the new steps and techniques but also correct the mistake if you a new dance or choreographers choose your instructor carefully the more you dance, the more you realize a good dance instructor

4. Watch other Dancers
Watch the dancers closely such thing as body alignment ,posture and technique and watch DVD to see the good movement of the dancers.

5.Perfect your posture
You must stand straight ,push your shoulder down and back,and hold your head up its amazing good posture dancers have.

6. Wear Proper shoes
Each dance style have requires to wear specific type of shoes carefully protect the legs and feet of the dancer and choose the right size of shoes to wear.

Take a deep breath and learn your mind.teach yourself to unwind the music

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Types of Dance

Dance orkestra and Jurgen HermanWaltz
                 The  Waltz  derived from its  Name from the  German term  walzen  means “ to roll “ or turn  it is performed by couples or partners  is fast sliding  or gliding  movement  this dance  was  first popularized  in Vienna Austria  before it reached to Europe .it  was popularity known as the spinner its feature as fast sliding or gliding dance appealed to many German   bourgeoisie .it first time that men women  holding each other.
                  In 1580 the waltz outlined such dances as folka, Mazurka and gallop, which gained in 19th century; the rhythm of this dance is romantic melodies.


Ballroom Dancing
Dance orkestra and Jurgen Herman
                Ballroom dance is derived from the  word “ Ball  that originated  from Latin word “Ballare  Meaning” to Dance” It applies to the several dances in two individuals “ Leaders” and followers .this physical contact tends to optional dancers can move  freely  the rhythmic pattern present in music

                In 19th century Ballroom dancing become an integral part of physical education. In 1930s rumba, conga, and samba were famous dance in Latin America. Rock and roll emerged in1950s and disco dancing in 1970s.break dance street dance and Martial arts popular in 1980s.

Cha_Cha DancersCha _Cha
                The Cha-cha is a Latin word  Dance originated in Cuba is a combination of  African and Cuban rhythms  Cha-Cha was the name of the component bell that produced sounds  this bell used by Haitians  the cha-cha was derived from the mambo because of  the fast and jerky character.

History of Dance

Dance is a type of art that refers to the movement of the body, and rhythmic and music Dance may also form of non verbal communication ,Dance has Certainly  being part of ceremony ,rituals and celebrations since  the birth of  earliest civilizations Dance it also Linked In love making and dance was one of  the methods  of passing down from generation early use of dance have been as precursor role ecstatic in healing rituals in healing rituals in mythological times of aboriginal  2500 years ago

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Why I am Passionate about

Why I am passionate about Dance”
Because for me dance it serve us an entrainment and hobby and even exercise  dance is the to became physically fit and remove fats from our body and also serve us a bonding time for me family,relatives and even friends ,Dance is also Serve us an exercise,and one way to become physically fit, Dance they can be fit and discipline and one way to get  away from bad things like,alcohol,cigarettes and even drugs Dance passion to help to become healthy,not only in physically bur also in mentally and spirituality and Dance release bad things from our mind, and the way to maintain our body physically fit there are some reasons to love to passionate about dance.