Sunday, 15 July 2012

Different Dance Position

Closed Position
Closed Position          The  man stands  facing the line dance or LOD .the lady dancers faces directly, against  the  line of  direction  and they should   be closed to each other  ,near  the toe as possibly, usually with  their  upper  body slightly  touching each other.

The conversation position
Conversation or Promenade Position          This is also Called Semi Closed   or Promenade position the man stands with his back to the center of dance floor the lady facing right shoulder  in the line direction taking closed position, they turn upper body and heads slightly ,to the man’s left  and the lady’s right , to face in the line direction.

The Right side position
Right Parallel Position          Partner’s stands side by side with their right side adjacent the man faces line direction and the lady reverse line direction this also known as “Right Parallel Position


The Skater’s Position
Skater's Position
          Both partner face forward in line direction hands joined – shake and held in front the man’s right holding partner’s right hand over left 

Macho Dance PositionThe Macho Position 
          This is a pretzel Position the man’s left hand  lifted over  his head to rest at the back of his neck.


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